Use Applicant Tracking Systems for Criminal Background Checks on Potential Hires

Are you currently going to expand your organization? Have you ever made the decision to invest in condition or federal contracts, propose a merger, or build your existing work pressure to build up new services and products? If you’re able to answer “yes” to these questions, please stop as it were and evaluate your candidate selection process, particularly that some of it in which you screen potential new employees. Is the next step drug testing or criminal record checks? Have you contemplated beginning them due to problems you have had with past employees? If you are going to get it done, there’s a couple of things you should know.

To begin with, if you are likely to invest in any contract where federal or condition money is involved, institute drug testing and criminal record checks at this time, for everybody, not only the brand new employees. Return inside your archives, any applicant tracking software you have been using will help with this particular, and appear up records for existing personnel. Some might have undergone screening. Others might be needed to. Produce a new “checked” or “screened” category within the database you utilize to keep an eye on the employees. Most applicant tracking databases permit you to do this.

You will find legalities involved whenever you do drug testing and criminal background checks, so make certain your organization attorney checks individuals out before beginning the procedure. You might be unable to test out your current employees when they did not accept it once they were hired, however a new contract requiring testing could supersede that rule. You might ask the employees individually or visit the labor reps if you are a union shop. Should you present your situation with valid reasoning there is no reason they ought to refuse.

It is a tremendous benefit so that you can represent yourself like a drug-free company, with employees which have gone through a criminal record check. That status alone goes a lengthy means by enticing individuals who would like to use you. Place yourself alternatively finish of the merger settlement. Would you like to undertake a mystery entity in your company? A minimum of with worker screening and applicant tracking you realize something about those who work with your brand-new potential partner. Spreadsheets and financial statements should let you know the remainder of what you ought to know.