The Case of the Missing Website

Why is it that some well-designed websites seem to be completely off Google’s radar?  It isas if they are missing or invisible.  And yet, if you type in the website address directly into your browser or even search for the company by name in Google, the website appears in the search engine results pages, often on page 1.  If you search for the company based on what they do or what they sell, it can be a whole different scenario

A fabulous website is an excellent beginning for growing your business.  Some businesses have a website because it seems that it legitimizes their business. If a website exists just so people can learn about a company whose name they already know, then there is no pressing need to work to get Google to list the site based on what you do. But what if you want your website to do more?

What if your company name does not include theactual products or services that you provide? For example,a business has a name like “John Doe and Associates” and provides accounting services.  Doing an online search for “CPAs” or “accountants near me” or “tax accountant” will yield manywebsites, but will it yield the website for the fictitious John Doe and Associates?  If John Doe and Associates does nothing to promote their site, it is not likely that they will be found in Google when someone searches for accountant keywords.

To attract new customers, a website must be more than good.  It must be more than great.  It must be visible in the first three pages of Google search engine result pages. The first page is best.

How will your website appear on Google’s first page?  Well, it helps if it is a great site, visually appealing with a compelling message. But Google requires more than that. There are many parts of the search engine equation that determine placement in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a tried and true technique used all over the internet to assist sites to rank higher than others. Internet marketing in New Jersey is hot and the local businesses there benefit from this. You need not be in NJ.  An accomplished NJ SEO consulting company can help your website be more than just another pretty face. Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn how to make sure your website can be found.

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