Guidance for Buying Mobile Phone Case

Mobile phones have gradually become an essential part of modern people’s life. Therefore, people invented the mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone. These cases are portable and fashionable. They have become necessary items for modern people. So how to choose a suitable mobile phone case?

There are many kinds of mobile phone cases. There are soft cases and hard cases. You can choose according to your personal preferences. Those who like soft feel use soft case. Those who like hard feel use hard case.

There have silica gel soft cases and transparent soft cases. Soft case has good elasticity. It can protect the mobile phone well. However, transparent soft cases are not dirt-resistant. It usually turns yellow in about a month. Silica gel case does not have this kind of problem. The heat dissipation effect of silica gel case is not very good. It affects the game experience very much. In addition to the two cases, there is a soft case made of liquid silica gel. This liquid silicone mobile phone case has a good and soft feeling. It is comfortable and elastic. Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturers use this material as their official case.

There are more types of hard cases than soft cases. There are PP, PC, metal and leather case, etc. Both PP case and PC case have good hand feeling. The back cover of smart phones often adopts this material. It has excellent hand feeling. However, the protection performance of these two mobile phone cases is poor. Please choose carefully when buying.

There are fewer users of metal cases than others. The metal case will be heavier. The burden on the mobile phone will be greater. However, metal cases are generally fashionable in shape. It has high deformation resistance and fracture resistance. The protection effect is very good. However, it will have certain influence on the signal receiving function with metal material. Please consider this when purchasing.

The leather case is a layer of leather case on the basis of the silica gel case. The case has a better hand feeling. It is often the favorite of business people. However, the leather case, like silica gel case, is not good in heat dissipation. If you are a game lover, it is not recommended buying this case.

These are the common types of mobile phone cases. The most important thing is to select according to the use requirements. If you are a game lover, the most suitable cases are PP cases and PC cases. If not, both conventional silicone cases and transparent cases can meet the requirements. And the price is much cheaper.

The best cases to protect phones are official cases. For example, users of HONOR 20 Lite mobile phones can buy HONOR 20 Lite case on the HONOR website. The original design of the mobile phone case on the brand website was to protect the mobile phone. Therefore, I believe that the government is a good choice that saves time and effort.

These are the types and characteristics of common mobile phone cases. You must buy it according to your own use needs.