How to take advantage of the Google display network?

Since getting your ads on the major sites can be challenging, not to forget the global competition that you have to face, it would be expensive too. With Google display network (รับทำ google display network, which is the term in Thai), you can start worrying lesser and lesser about your online ad campaigns. It helps business to run their ads easily and freely on 2 million websites. 

For a beginner with little knowledge about working with Google AdWords, here is detailed information that you can use to understand how the Display Network works.

What is the Google display network?

Think of the Google display network as a platform that enables you to run your ads on more than 2 million websites, which means up to 90 % of the internet users get to see your ads.  Your ads can reach your audience via a different platform, like when they are playing a game or watching the news. So, to use the display network, you need to learn a few things about it. 

Here is how you can need to use the Google display network?

Since Google display network covers more than 2 million websites where you can run your ads, you need to understand not each site in a network display will run your ads. The sites where you can run ads include- Google Owns sites (YouTube, Blogger, etc.), AdSense publisher sites, and online ad marketplace. Therefore, to achieve the maximum returns, you need to know how the platform works. Here are the things that you can do to achieve maximum ROI through a display network:

  • Pick Your Domains 

You need to use the “managed placements,” which enable you to use specific websites, games, mobile sites to run your ads. So, in case you know what kind of audience demographics you need to target, you can use the “manage placement” to the fullest. 

  • Use Google To Know The Ads Placements

If you are confused about where to place your ads, you can use Google AdWords and let google decide the best placement for your product or services. Ad Placement plays a crucial role, so be careful as you need to use keywords and topics related to your ads so that Google AdWords can choose the correct placement of your ads. 

  • Budget

Although using Google AdWords is one of the least expensive ways of running an online advertisement, but you need to use it according to your budget. For instance, if you are want to spend less, you can avoid going for ad placement on mobile or ad placement on video games.