How to Convert PDF file to Word: 3 ways

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In order to be able to convert PDF files into Word documents, you usually need a separate tool. After all, the PDF format is also intended to save documents and protect them from being edited. In this practical tip, we present a free download and an online tool with which the conversion is still quick and easy.

Convert and convert PDF file with Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

  1. First download the program “Free PDF to Word Doc Converter”.
  2. After the download, run the exe file and install the application.
  3. After you have opened the program, select the relevant PDF document by clicking on “Browse” at the top left.
  4. To the right you can now see the preset output folder and name. If you want to change this, click on the “Browse” button on the right and select both accordingly.
  5. In the “General Options” you can now make smaller settings: On the left, select whether you want to convert the entire document or just individual pages. On the right you decide whether images and patterns should be adopted or whether text boxes should be used. You can also set the text type of the output document.
  6. Finally click on “Convert to Word Document”. The file is converted and then opened in Microsoft Word.

Convert PDF document to Word file online

If you do not want to install an extra program on your computer, you can also convert the PDF document online into Word format.

A recommended website for this is, for example, the free online tool from AnyPDF.

Here you can either upload the PDF file from your computer or access it from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

The PDF document is then converted and is available for download.

Word 2013: Easily edit PDF and save as Word

From Word 2013 you can open your PDF files like a normal document, edit them and then export them to Word format:

  1. Use the “Open” menu to switch the format search from “Word” to “PDF”.
  2. A yellow switch then appears at the bottom, which you have to switch to “Enable Editing” for editing.
  3. Now you can work like in a normal Word document and also export it to Word format.